Special Requests

Please include details of your request in the "Special Requests" box when you schedule your ride. Request are not guaranteed until confirmed. Additional charges may apply.

Booster and Car Seats for Children
All children under the age of 8 must ride in a booster or car seat that meets state and federal safety requirements.
While it is best for you to provide your own booster or car seat, they may be available upon request. Please request a booster or car seat in the “Special Requests?” box when you are scheduling your ride.
If First Class provides a car or booster seat, you may be required to inspect and install the car/booster seat yourself prior to departure to ensure the child’s safety. If a child does not appear to be within the height and weight safety requirements for the car seat, or if a driver otherwise feels that the child cannot be safely transported in the seat, the driver can cancel the ride.
If you are traveling, please ask about our car seat storage option. We will use your child’s car seat to transport you and your family to the airport, store it while you are away, and pick you and your family up when you return with your booster/car seat in the car.
Pets and Service Animals
Please indicate that there is a pet or service animal traveling with you in the "Special requests" box when scheduling your ride. An appropriate carrier is required for each pet. Drivers may require that the animal remain in the carrier for the duration of your ride. An additional charge may be incurred if cleaning is necessary or there is any damage cause by the animal.
Passengers In Need of Assistance
We are happy to make accommodations for clients with disabilities or who just need a little assistance from a friendly drive. Please indicate the type of equipment or assistance in the "Special Requests" section when you schedule your ride.